Bass / Vox

Grady started playing with Panic Stricken in early 2017 as a substitute for founding bassist Kenny Valentine, when schedules didn't work out with the band. Over the years Grady played his way into the number one spot and brought in his fellow bandmates from Koodookoo, Connor Marshall on drums and Max Moscoe on keyboards. The chemistry of those three instantly made Panic Stricken a better band. In addition to his work with Panic Stricken and Koodookoo, Grady is a member of Outlaws of Funk and the leader of his own band, the Grady Ray Band. With outstanding intuition and bass chops, Grady gives a David Schools like low end to Panic Stricken, but that's not even the best part. He also brings an angelic voice and a monster stage presence that cannot be ignored.