John has the best band joining story of them all. Sometime during a show in 2015 in the middle of a hot Arleen jam, he jumped up on stage and started playing percussion with the band, and after that never left. RG liked what he heard from him so much he asked him to join the band as a permanent member. After joining Panic Stricken, things started taking off for John as he ended up joining the outstanding Austin funk bands, A-Town Get Down and Flyjack, who he both still plays with today. In addition to those two bands, "Austin's Okeyest Percussionist," sits in with bands all over Austin and beyond, including  an epic run with The New Mastersounds. John started off in Panic Stricken, as he says, "just trying to copy Sunny and hang on," but has since then grown into style all of his own with force, precision, and passion.